The Guardian

A wonderful article that goes some way to explaining why women stay in abusive relationships—because they don’t want to be homeless. Read the article here.

Why didn’t you leave?

It’s the question that often comes to mind when people try to begin to understand violent relationships. And yet, it is comprehensively the wrong one

Domestic Violence Hotline

Another piece of reality—working on a domestic violence call centre line. CONTENT WARNING for survivors. Read the article here.

The Morning Bulletin

Availability of Women’s Shelters is by far outstripped by demand. Read the article here.


With funding from a NSW Domestic and Family Violence Grant, OWN NSW has conducted a mapping exercise of our knowledge of violence against older women

Missing the point

Why policy leadership on domestic violence in Australia is failing. Read the article here.

Cardboard Stories

This fantastic video from Canada does some myth busting about people who are homeless. Many have led successful, normal, conventional lives for many years until

Another day in paradise

This brilliant, first person story shows just how easy it is for a woman to become homeless. Read the article here.

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