Abuse isn’t always physical…

Great article in the Huffington Post exposing how other forms of abuse can be just as harmful as physical blows

Ignorance is still rife about the causes of domestic violence

Our CEO, Annabelle Daniel, contributes to this article by Ann Summers on the misconceptions around domestic violence which are still rife today.

Economic Abuse of Women

This article provides a clear and detailed explanation of some of the impacts of economic abuse. We’ve seen a number of homeless women through our

Funding step in the right direction

The new NSW funding package is indeed a step in the right direction, however the NSW Government should ensure that funding goes to innovative organisations

Older Women’s Network NSW

Older Women’s Network NSW have conducted a number of studies into this disturbing issue, bubbling just below the surface. A very important piece of our

Sydney Morning Herald

An extra $68 million is needed per year to house victims of domestic violence. Read article here.

Daily Life

This is the reality of domestic violence in Australia. Domestic violence is the major cause of women’s homelessness. Read the article here.

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