WCS Partnership

Our Partnership with Women’s Community Shelters (WCS)

Existing services cannot meet the demand for crisis accommodation for homeless women. Women’s Community Shelters (WCS) was founded to close this gap by replicating our Shelter’s social franchise model, led by Peter and Ellie Hunt, with Gina Anderson.

WCS works with communities to establish new shelters. Receiving emergency accommodation and support in a safe environment enables homeless women to rebuild self-esteem and achieve control and fulfilment in their lives.

The number of Sister Shelters is growing:

WCS brings expertise in governance, intellectual property, professional development and project management to communities running and looking to establish new shelters. With a strong, experienced Board, and a highly professional team, WCS is focused on supporting each shelter to develop best practice and achieve positive individual outcomes for residents, while remaining cost efficient.

Aligning with WCS allows NBWS to benefit from the umbrella organisation’s expertise.

Women need a range of support services, not just help finding affordable housing. These services include access to counselling, health care, assistance navigating government bureaucracy, legal help, further education and employment: building blocks toward re-establishing control over one’s life.

At a time of reduced government spending, WCS offers a new and ground-breaking ‘tri-partite’ funding model in which Government, philanthropy, business and community all work to provide funding to establish and operate shelters.

The need is there – and so is the will.

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