Our Service

Our outstanding results emphasise the exceptional quality of the Shelter’s service delivery. NBWS has assisted over 90% of our residents to transition back into the community successfully and sustainably. We’re justifiably proud of these results and strive daily to improve them.

The Shelter accommodates up to ten women at any time for as long as 3-months; the current average is around 42 days. At present an additional six women live in transitional accommodation, easing the bottleneck of need in the Shelter proper. We additionally support vulnerable women at risk in our community via the NBWS Outreach Program.

NBWS is not simply a place to sleep. Along with emergency accommodation, NBWS provides occupational therapies and assistance with accessing support for finances, employment, education, healthcare, legal advice, and permanent housing.

Our full-time Shelter Manager leads a roster of fully qualified Social Workers, providing 24/7-onsite assistance and expertise to our residents.
The Business & Communications Manager works part-time (Wed-Fri) fundraising and growing the Shelter’s public profile. If you’re interested in supporting this effort, please email Diana at businessmanager@nbws.org.au or phone +61 420 776 491.

Our small, dedicated professional team is supported by a tireless band of trained and talented volunteers, without whom we could not operate. We are indebted to them all. 

The Volunteer Coordinator – itself a volunteer position – holds the invaluable operational role of managing the Volunteer Program and administering the Volunteer Database. Please contact Kim at volunteer@nbws.org.au if you would like more information about our volunteer intake and training.

Over 400 homeless women have benefited from NBWS’s services since we opened our doors in November 2010 – 120 in 2018 alone. We remain the only shelter on the Northern Beaches solely for women.