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Why We’re Needed

Domestic Violence
Mental Health
Financial Hardship
Drug / Alcohol

The Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter (NBWS) was established by our community. It exists to serve our community. It survives because of our community.

NBWS is a safe haven, supporting homeless women so they can rebuild their lives, reclaim their independence and rejoin society. Formerly Manly Women’s Shelter, NBWS is a non-profit, community-funded charitable organisation providing crisis accommodation, support, safety and services for homeless women across Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

We provide an individual case management, outcomes-based approach, assisting women to access permanent accommodation and community support systems and services.

Our goal is identifying and addressing the underlying root cause/s of each individual woman’s homelessness, so that their lives are forever transformed for the better through their stay, and the benefits to their health, well-being and prospects are enduring.

We know the main factors leading to homelessness include physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse; family breakdown; financial strife; domestic violence; addiction; mental health issues and/or lack of affordable housing.

Homelessness doesn’t discriminate; it can happen to anyone

Our Vision

A future where we aren’t needed.

We Believe
Community engagement in local initiatives is key to resolving the pressing social issues of women’s homelessness and domestic and family violence.

We believe our specialist Women’s Shelter offering best practice support is a
critical service for women on the Northern Beaches and further afield, as we
shelter women from other areas.

Our Values
We value our staff, our volunteers and all our communities
and recognise their value and worth.
We are generous and considerate, non-judgemental and
understanding of others’ needs.
We strive always to exceed expectations and deliver high
We seek to drive positive change and challenge the
status quo.
We provide hope and optimism. Hope for those most needing
it, and we hope all our values can be achieved through
collaboration and partnership.

Our vision is to build social capital and enhance the quality of
life for the community. 

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