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Domestic Violence
Mental Health
Financial Hardship
Drug / Alcohol

The Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter (NBWS) was established by our community. It exists to serve our community. It survives because of our community.

NBWS is a safe haven, supporting homeless women so they can rebuild their lives, reclaim their independence and rejoin society. Formerly Manly Women’s Shelter, NBWS is a non-profit, community-funded charitable organisation providing crisis accommodation, support, safety and services for homeless women across Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

We provide an individual case management, outcomes-based approach, assisting women to access permanent accommodation and community support systems and services.

Our goal is identifying and addressing the underlying root cause/s of each individual woman’s homelessness, so that their lives are forever transformed for the better through their stay, and the benefits to their health, well-being and prospects are enduring.

We know the main factors leading to homelessness include physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse; family breakdown; financial strife; domestic violence; addiction; mental health issues and/or lack of affordable housing.

Homelessness doesn’t discriminate; it can happen to anyone

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