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Shelter Begins with Community

Rebuilding women's lives...together

The Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter (NBWS) was established by our community. It exists to serve our community. It survives because of our community. Read More

Homelessness is not having a safe, affordable home to sleep or live in. Unfortunately, this is the reality for one in every 200 Australians. We Can Help

There are many ways you can get involved. Our community support is vital, without you we simply cannot continue to offer our vital services. Join Us

The Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter needs cash donations and in kind support to operate.
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Anna’s Story​

Five years ago, I found the strength to leave an abusive marriage of over 14 years. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I was faced with parenting two daughters experiencing the trauma of separation and the impact of being raised in Domestic Violence. For 10 months following my separation, I continued attempting paying market rent, bills, food, clothing, car registration, internet bills, school fees, uniforms and activities for my girls. After 10 months, my poor mental health became so acute that I was scheduled for three weeks. Desperate, full of shame, suicidal and exhausted, I [couldn’t] what I’d been doing. I needed help. I needed supports to recover. I need secure, affordable housing. My beautiful daughters needed a stable, secure environment. In 2014 I began the process of applying for Social Housing (Priority, At Risk). I cannot emphasise how difficult

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Northern Beaches
Women's Shelter

There’s over twenty (20) years’ documented history of female homelessness on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

In the year leading up to the Shelter’s opening, Manly Community Centre and St Vincent de Paul in Brookvale recorded more than 300 women turning up on their doorstep in search of crisis accommodation. These statistics and years of experience fuelled the need for what began as Manly Women’s Shelter.

How you can help us?

Just call us at +02 9977 7772 to make a donation

Upcoming Events

International Women's Day Breakfast 2024

Date: Wednesday 28th February 2024
Venue: Long Reef Golf Club
Price: $65

International Women’s Day (8 March) is a day for us to join voices with people around the world and shout our message for equal rights loud and clear: “Women’s rights are human rights!”

International Women’s Day 2024 theme is: #InspireInclusion

Join us for breakfast and an insightful panel discussion, here we will delve into how #InspireInclusion is woven into the fabric of our organisation, sharing insights that resonate with the theme. 

We would love for you to join us for this event.

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